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Dear Investigator Sievers,

I reached a Settlement with the City of Anaheim on Wednesday, July 28, 2010.

The monetary compensation is substantial and the non-pecuniary compensation in the Addendum, 1-8, is impressive.

The Release of All Claims and Addendum are available for viewing online at my website WhiteRoseAnaheim.com, click on Correspondence with Risk Management, (halfway down the homepage), Final Settlement Conference (at the bottom of the page on the right).

Please pass the word and please refer others to the website. It would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for contacting me and considering my testimony against officer Richard Olmedo in the Schindler case.

My case has set a precedent and it is my sincere hope that this substantial settlement will deter future incidents, not only in Anaheim but also throughout Orange County, and greatly reduce the number of claims against the City of Anaheim and other cities.

My wish is to restore police credibility in Anaheim through awareness of this matter.

James Robert Reade




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