Wall on Pauline Street
Gang name is TRAVELERS.
TRAVELERS is trying to make a comeback under the wings of another gang.
CLM is abbreviation for City Los Malos.
Times three (x3) indicates TRAVELERS is now owned by a bigger gang.


Sidewalk Utility Box SHORE FUK
Sidewalk utility box on Anaheim Blvd
one half block south of Cerritos Ave
alongside American Sports Center
SHORE (tagger name) on east side of box
DANMS (tagger names) on sidewalk
FUK (tagging crew) on west side of box in fancy font
fuk (tagging crew) south side of box in lower case font
DIMS (member of fuk tagging crew) south side of box


Sidewalk utility box photo 2


Sidewalk utility box photo 3


Sidewalk utility box photo 4


Beper 444 OCCK NWA
Sanchez Recycling Center (Container Wall)
behind Convenience Store on Anaheim Blvd at Midway Dr
at Golden Skies Mobile Home Park Entrance
Beper 444 (tagger's name with area code)
OCCK (Orange County Crew)
N W A (incoming tagging crew NASTY WITH ATTITUDE)


Sanchez Recycling Center


PRISS (female tagger)
Grouping of tagger names (close tagger accomplices)


Newspaper Stand
on Anaheim Blvd Midway Dr
MOSK ROSIE (MOSK is male tagger, ROSIE female)
WGSC (MOSK and ROSIE'S tagging couple name)


Newspaper stand
Anaheim Blvd Midway Dr
NEWT (inexperienced tagger)
arrow underneath to add emphasis




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